Over the years we have worked our efforts towards lessening water usage, minimizing our carbon footprint, increasing usage of green chemicals, switching towards clean energy resources, in order to switch from a linear to a more circular approach in the industry.


Denim has been a thirsty fabric for years, capable of causing an ecosystem disbalance that needs a serious eye. Being a part of a water sensitive industry only makes us more accountable and responsible for the processes we undertake at our production units. We push our limits by investing in technology that aids us in our endeavor to make garments in a sustainable and eco-conscious method.
We save 3,00,000 litres of water every day, that equals to daily consumption of 2200 people.

Water saving at Indaco

We follow a stringent process of water recyling and treatment

Clear water 3
Water recycling and treatment


Solar power

Transforming the way, we are consuming energy. By consuming natural light, we harness the power of sun.

Gas driers

Our Dryers are not run on refined fuels or defrosted wood. We are currently using LPG or IR tube heated dryers.

Natural Air

Energy conserving line drying system to dry jeans using natural air.


EIM Score​

An impactful step towards making better denim.

TIJF uses the revolutionary “Environmental Impact Measurement” software by Jeanologia. We measure the water consumption, energy consumption, chemical usage and impact on workers’ health in our production process and how they affect our ecological footprint. Our investment towards sustainability and innovation helps us reliably measure, monitor and improve on our actions and make an actual impact on the environment.

Eco-efficient Washing and Finishes

An impactful step towards making better denim.

Front loading washing machines capable of washing jeans at a liquor ratio as low as 1:3, by Tolkar- Turkey. Our investments towards sustainable and impact driven processes via Smart foam by Garmon and Mactec, Nano Bubble by Tolkar, Laser systems by Jeanologia.


Advanced and eco-efficient laser technology for authentic garment finishing by Jeanologia. An invention that promotes sustainability towards planet and people, capable of giving you the ‘aged look’ on a denim!

Nanobubble spray technology

A sustainable solution to transfer chemicals on garments, nanobubble technology leads to 90% water savings, 95% chemical and 100% heating energy.

Smart Foam

We are the first factory in the world to have “smartfoam” technology by Mactec and Garmon, Italy.

Chemical application on garment is done through a special foam which helps save upto 80% water as compared to traditional washing processes. All treatments are performed at room temperature which ensures considerable energy savings.

As compared to nebulization mechanism, smartfoam loads chemicals three times faster.


1000 gms Ozonator – for chemical free and natural bleaching ability. It saves considerable water and energy and helps us create chemical free finishing.

Safe Chemical Usage​

An impactful step towards making better denim.
Chemical Management

At TIJF we use dyestuffs and auxiliaries compliant by RSL, REACH, GOTS, GREENSCREEN and ZDHC.

Our ETP plant which was installed at the inception of TIJF, ensures zero discharge of wastewater into natural water bodies.

Proper chemical management systems in place for responsible storage and handling of chemicals & emergency first aid training.

Long Live Pumice Stones

An impactful step towards making better denim.
Pumice Stones

TIJF is proud to say that we have eliminated usage of conventional pumice stones from our washing process.

For a more sustainable approach we have started using artificial stones made with waste plastic that don’t abrade for years! This step has helped us eliminate the process of manual removal of dust (pumice) and particles from garments and machines, helped us reduce our carbon footprint, lower risk of fabric tearing or damage to the buttons or rivets, and enabled us to have remarkable results in a sustainable and advantageous way.


Indaco people
Workers at TIJF form the most important asset. 

TIJF follows all the local laws with regards to wages, working conditions and working hours. We further strengthen our policies for our global buyers by being fully compliant with our practices as per global standards.


Our workers safety policy includes fire safety drills, regular building checks, provision of safety gear for all factory workers, machine usage training, safe and comfortable working conditions.


Our internal worker-management committees ensure a safe voice for workers grievances. We are a certified SA8000 & SEDEX 4 Pillar & SEDEX 2 Pillar facility, with a commitment to enhance and strengthen our policies for our buyers & employees, helping us to achieve our ethical goals.

Our Social Compliance Practices :

No Child Labour

No Forced Labour

Open air communal dining facility for workers

Production incentives & yearly bonuses

No discrimination

Wages paid through bank

Safe & Healthy workplace environment

Health Insurance & Paid Maternity leave

Working hours as per local laws

Routine medical check ups

Clear Signages on the factory floor, large spacious work environments